Chicken Wire Shutters

by cnorthcote

You know when the mood strikes to be crafty? After browsing Pinterest, I found this blog post and immediately grabbed my purse and headed for The Home Depot. I was intent on making my own version of the awesome chicken wire creation I had spotted and it was going to happen as soon as was physically possible.

As I waited to cross the street I watched a man dump two wooden shutters on top of a pile of trash bags in what could only be called an act of God. I hurried across the street and nabbed the shutters! Does that make me a dumpster diver?? Anyways…then it was off to The Home Depot for chicken wire and then to Michael’s for painting supplies.

After a few coats of paint and a little steel wool scrubbing (for character, of course), my shutters were ready for chicken wire. I stapled the chicken wire to the back of the shutter frames, and that was all! Pretty easy for two big pieces of art that I can use to display all of my pictures, inspirations, and mementos, right?!

If you happen to be in the mood to make yourself a pair of chicken wire shutters, here is what you will need:

  • Shutters or a frame of some type. I hope you can find something just like I did, it really was pretty awesome
  • Chicken Wire. I used a roll that measured 3ft x 10ft and had more than enough for the task at hand
  • Paint.
  • Paint Brushes.
  • Steel Wool.
  • Staple Gun. I used a stapler and it worked just fine but I would recommend something with a but more heft to it
  • Scissors.

After I finished assembling my shutters, I grabbed a few clothespins and printed a few pictures and I had a completed product to display on my walls. I am thrilled with my little project and love looking at it on the walls of my new bedroom!