Highs and Lows: New York City Edition

by cnorthcote

















Image by Matthew Tapia

The big apple definitely has plenty of pluses but it also can have its downsides. Now having lived in NYC for one full year (that is excluding that awful summer spent in Queens) I’ve determined some of what I like and dislike about New York.


  • Manicures are so cheap! I spend ten bucks to get a manicure and can even get a mani/pedi for twenty dollars…cheap! Plus all of the salons have extensive Essie collections
  • A monthly MetroCard seems spendy at $104 but it is actually a huge bargain. One time I am going to count how many rides a take monthly and do the math to figure out my cost per ride. I’m willing to bet it would be far less than the standard $2.25 per ride
  • There is so much to see! Each part of the city has something new to offer and I love exploring all of the different neighborhoods
  • The people watching is top notch
  • The moments when you look around and can say, “I live here!” I catch myself thinking this without fail every time I spot the Empire State Building or the Chrystler Building
  • You can occasionally spot celebs! So far I have seen Uma Thurmon, Mary Louise Parker, Tracy Morgan and Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa).
  • Nothing is too far away. I can walk to get just about anything my heart desires…pizza, coffee, a french roll, a beer, six beers?
  • The food is to die for and the options are endless. Plus, I swear a quality dessert is never very far away
  • There is never a need for a designated driver. You just take a cab or the subway and everyone gets to safely have fun!
  • Central Park! So pretty, so big and such a refreshing break from the hubbub of the city. Plus, it is just a few avenues away from both my old place and my new place
  • It is a pretty common setting in movies and commercials and on television. I love being able to say “I know where that is!” or “I’ve been there!”
  • Brunch. I swear it is a culture here to go to brunch and good brunch food is always fine by me
  • Trader Joes. Having a TJs in the city is awesome, as explained here


  • Public transportation is awesome, except for when it is not. For instance, when the schedule is screwy or it’s super crowded or you think you see a cat on the tracks but it’s just a rat or a man has his pants down passed out on the bench…catch my drift?
  • It’s pretty difficult to meet people. It’s just such a big place with so many people who are doing their own thing
  • There aren’t backyards for dogs to use to take care of their business. As a result you will occasionally catch a giant whiff of the not so pleasant smell of urine…
  • Dead birds that have been squished by traffic.  I had never seen such a thing until I came to New York and now I see them far more often than I would like. I also saw a squished up rat…gross
  • It can be hot, hot, hot or cold, cold, cold

All in all, I love this city and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to live here. As you can see, the high points of New York City far outweigh its low points.