The Coolest Bus Driver

by cnorthcote

I like nice people. I like fun people. I like people that like talking to other people.

I really liked my crosstown bus driver. You know the type of person who can make something dull and monotonous suddenly fun? Well my bus driver was exactly that kind of man.

He started his dual role as bus driver/entertainer on the west side of town. As we crossed over to the east side he turned on the magic by asking who had an upcoming birthday. After some prying, he found a soon-to-be birthday boy and led his passengers in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to our new friend, Tim. Now, you can’t tell me New Yorkers are cold-hearted when you watch a bus full of adults singing Happy Birthday to a complete stranger, right?

Next he introduced the passengers coming aboard to the birthday boy and challenged us to think of ten body parts with just three letters. Try it, it’s actually very challenging. He awarded the passenger with the highest total, which was seven, with a free transfer…which comes with every bus fare.

Anyways, this man proved that public transportation doesn’t have to be boring, that New Yorkers are pretty nice, and that one person can surely have a positive impact on the days of strangers.