Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • One of my very good friends and my roommate from freshman year of college, Blakely,  is in New York City with her family. I’m so excited to have her here and I have really loved catching up with her!
  • It was a three day work week…three days, that’s just crazy!
  • I bought a crock pot and put that baby right to use. I can’t wait for crock pot soups in the winter. I also want to try slow-cooked mac n’ cheese and cheesecake
  • One of my freshman told me he watched the Oregon game. When I asked him who his favorite player was, he replied, “Robert Griffin the Third”. It seems that he was a little confused but I guess it was a nice thought
  • The student who started the fight in my classroom came by before he even had my class to apologize for his actions. It was very sweet and I was proud of his decision to accept responsibility for his actions and speak to me about the issue
  • I scored an awesome vintage dress at a flea market for just twenty bucks


  • “Miss, you look…different…” and “Miss, were you sick yesterday?”  Clearly, my students were unhappy with my appearance
  • Graduate level math classes for teachers are not fun, at all. In fact, they are really quite the opposite of fun