Christopher Columbus

by cnorthcote

…sailed the ocean blue in 1492.

I know Christopher Columbus can be a bit of a controversial figure but, I’ve gotta say he has a pretty darn nice living room. Are you confused yet? Let me explain further…

Artist, Tatzu Nishi, erected a living room atop six flights of stairs in Columbus Circle. This beautiful living room gives visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the gigantic statue.

The living room has the most incredible pink wallpaper. The wallpaper is covered with gold sketches of American icons including Michael Jackson, the Empire State Building, and even McDonalds. The living room also has red velvet curtains surrounding windows that open up to lovely views of the city streets and central park. The room even includes books about baseball and war, as well as a television tuned to CNN.

The exhibit is only in the city until mid-November and it is booked solid for the next few weeks. We were definitely lucky to be able to nab tickets! Wouldn’t this be a fun exhibit to check out on Columbus day?