by cnorthcote

Decorating my classroom is something I take very seriously. I spend more time in that room than I do in my own bedroom, so the way I see it, I need to like it. In addition to it making me happy, it must also meet the needs of my kids.

To accommodate my students, this year I upped my word wall game. By that I mean, I am really keeping up with the word wall and adding every word we study in each class I teach. Research shows that teaching vocabulary is critical to student success…I’m hoping the word wall assists us in our quest for success. I also added a “Go Mustangs” sign to compliment the ever so important “Go Ducks” sign.

I have made a point to reserve the entire back wall for student work. It’s pretty fun to watch the kids come in and see their work on the wall. They always go back to check out their own projects. Finally, I have added a drying rack to the room to keep the students’ note cards organized…maybe it looks a bit out of place but I love it.