Donors Choose

by cnorthcote

I’ve posted a project to Donors Choose!

Donors Choose is a great site that works to connect teachers in low income communities with individuals who want to make donations to benefit education.

When I registered my project I was also given a special code, INSPIRE. For the next seven days when a donor enters this magical code at checkout, Donors Choose will match the donation dollar for dollar. How great is that?

So, if 12.7 people donate ten dollars using the INSPIRE code, my project will be funded!

If funded, my project will provide index cards for my students. Here is what I posted on the site to explain the need that I am hoping to have fulfilled through this project.

You can donate here and don’t forget to enter the code, INSPIRE at checkout. Thank you for your consideration. I can promise that you are helping a bunch of wonderful kids and a very grateful teacher.

And, “yes. is a 501(c)3 charity incorporated in the State of New York. Our EIN# is 13-4129457. You will receive a gift receipt via email that can be used for your tax records.”

Happy Sunday!