by cnorthcote

I am so grateful for the well run public transportation system in metro New York. However, I have two major qualms with patrons of this transportation system. And, seeing as a blog is for sharing experiences and opinions, I’m going to get on my soapbox and rant about these issues I have with my fellow riders.
1. The subway is not an appropriate venue for trimming your nails. Unfortunately, on too many occasions I have heard the unwelcome sound of clippers chopping away at fingernails while aboard the subway. When I say this happens too often, I mean at least once every two weeks…that is just too often. This act of personal hygiene should be reserved to ones own home. In addition, the debris should be placed in a trash receptacle as opposed to being left on the floor of a train car…gross
2. Subway stations, trains cars, buses and bus stops are not good make out spots, nor are they appropriate make out spots. These locations are often dirty (see #1) and full of people. Do any of those people want to watch teenagers awkwardly stick their tongues down each others throats? No. Does anyone find the aforementioned locations romantic? No. For goodness sake, an old man probably trimmed his nails in that same spot earlier in the day…romantic…
Thanks for letting me rant. And please promise me, no messy make outs or nail clipping on the subway, deal?