Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

I’m sharing my highs and lows early this week because Thanksgiving graces us mid-week. Enjoy your holiday and thank you for reading!


  • It’s peppermint latte season!
  • Trader Joe’s tomato basil soup is to die for. It was out of season but now it is back and I am so happy
  • I finally got a functioning door stopper for my classroom. It has been life changing
  • One of my kids has been bringing his volleyball to school. It’s been fun to play, even if it’s just in the classroom
  • I read this great article about the ichimeter
  • My parents are coming to the city today just in time for Thanksgiving! We are going to watch the parade tomorrow, look for us on TV!
  • The Ducks lost to Stanford on Saturday and it broke my heart
  • This weeks quiz grades were not that stellar. I swear last week my kids were graphing pros

Happy Thanksgiving!