Be Merry

by cnorthcote

I love banners. I have come to realize that banners are super easy and add a nice pop of holiday cheer. So, I decided why not make a Christmas banner!

Just like last time, you don’t need too many supplies, just:

And, assembly is simple:

  1. Print out and then cut out the letters for your banner. You can use these Be Merry Printables or these Let It Snow Printables 
  2. Glue your cutouts to a wrapping paper of your choice and cut out the letters with their cheery new background
  3. Next, cover your binder clips with washi tape to make them a bit more peppy. If you don’t have washi tape, you could use clothespins or even plain ole’ paperclips
  4. Attach your letters to the twine with the clips and you’ve got yourself a banner
  5. Enjoy your pop of holiday cheer!