Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • One student said, “Miss you look cute” and his friend quickly responded, “You better watch out, she’s going to press charges on you”
  • A kid that I do not know was staring at my Oregon keychain and hesitantly asked, “Miss, did you go to that school?” When I replied yes, he informed all of his friends that I was “valid”
  • “What are those polka dots on your arm?”…Oh, you mean my freckles?
  • My roommates and I had a GTS day, complete with manicures and dinner out
  • I’m reading Grace, an autobiography written by Vogue fashion editor Grace Coddington and its awesome
  • The apartment is decorated for the holidays with an adorable chubby Christmas tree that makes our little living room feel so bright
  • My building is decorated for Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years…all at once. The tacky decor makes me happy every time I come home
  • My Christmas shopping is just about finished after a successful day spent at the Brooklyn Flea and on 5th Avenue


  • I had four (yes, four!) adults observing my teaching all at once. Talk about overwhelming
  • One child told another kid that he had a pocketknife with him while they were in my classroom. Fortunately, the claim was false but scary nonetheless