Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote



  • Roommate Christmas was fun, fun, fun!
  • I’m attempting to learn Spanish…wish me luck
  • I had an awesome and productive Tuesday
  • It actually felt as though the world was ending due to some crazy weather on Friday morning…butttttt, the mad weather made for a very entertaining walk to work
  • Friday was surprisingly a really calm day at work
  • One of my co-workers gave me the best gift ever. I got an Emergency Affirmation gadget that says, “you are awesomeeee” and Oregon Duck Tape…so cool
  • One of my kids from last year came by to give me a Christmas card. I love that she decided to do this on her own and I really appreciate her thoughtfulness
  • It is Winter Breakkkkkkkk!!! I can hardly believe it is already here or that I am about to head home


  • Holding a kid back from a fight is not fun…however, I am thankful that nobody was hurt
  • That crazy weather I mentioned left me with some seriously disastrous hair. Just to be clear, bangs, wind, and rain do not mix and I looked like a hot mess at work
  • Mice are gross…