Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • A three day work week is ideal despite being incredibly unrealistic
  • New Years was so much fun!
  • I was able to share a cab from the airport with a friend. Not only did this make the cab ride far less expensive for both of us but it was also more fun
  • The Ducks won the Fiesta Bowl!!! Anddd, I went out on a Thursday to watch the victory with my friends
  • My New Years resolution is off to a good start. This week I managed to cook up Udon Noodle Soup and Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Hanna and I had an awesome Friday night that included margaritas and tarot card readings. Having my fortune told meant another check off of the bucket list I created as a freshman in college
  • I now have a Costco membership! Everything I have ever wanted is now available to me in bulk
  • I still hate mice
  • I know I can’t complain after having a long break, but it’s tough to go back to work
  • Chip will most likely be leaving Oregon. I think Mat Kearney perfectly summed up the feelings of Duck fans everywhere in this video