Let Them Drink Juice

by cnorthcote


After Hurricane Sandy my roommates and I went on a bit of a juice kick. We attempted a ten day juice cleanse after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead…find it on Hulu or Netflix! We opted not to go for the full juice cleanse and allowed ourselves to eat a healthy dinner that involved chewing each night . I felt awesome after juicing. I felt healthy, refreshed, and  I had more energy. I decided to give it a try again this week, although this time I opted for a shorter, three days of juicing.


I made all of my own fresh juices and drank them every two hours or so. I was shocked at how full I felt but that isn’t to say that I wasn’t craving pizza each time I walked by the neighborhood pizza shop.

What always seemed to amaze me is how many fruits and veggies go into each juice. Can you believe this…?!


My juicing tips include:

  • Add apples…they make everything better
  • Avoid excessive ginger
  • Use carrots for added deliciousness
  • Use kale with caution, its not the tastiest despite being uber nutritious
  • Add cinnamon if it fits with the flavor, for instance with apple and butternut squash (my favorite!)
  • Make pure apple juice at least once…mmmmm
  • Remember, a little lemon goes a long way
  • Use beats if you want a pretty purply-pink juice
  • If you like cantaloupe, give it a try as a juice, you won’t regret it