Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • Chips Kelly is staying at Oregon! Go Ducks
  • A student made me pillow out of a TOMS bag. We initially bonded over a shared love of TOMS shoes last year and she still comes around every week to chat
  • One of my boys used my Oregon Duct Tape to decorate his backpack. He also informed me that next season he hopes to go to a game
  • My boss came in to watch me teach and actually seemed happy. I count that as a big time win…seriously, big time…
  • I booked a trip to San Fran and then to San Diego for my spring break!
  • I organized my classroom yesterday and I know that my empty desk will make my Monday morning a bit better
  • My kids willingly listened to ‘Today’s Country Radio’ on Pandora during class
  • I still hate mice
  • Some of my kids are driving me absolutely nuts. They have an ability to either make my day wonderful or miserable and lately they seem to be aiming for the latter option
  • Our landlord came to patch up a hole (to prevent more mice, of course!) and left our apartment in disarray. And, he left the toilet seat up…really?