Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote




  • I went to see a movie on a school night! I saw the documentary 56 Up and loved it. Plus, it was showing at a really cool indie theatre downtown
  • Downton Abbey is phenomenal…I’m hooked
  • I went on a run around the reservoir at dusk and I got to watch as the lights of the skyline turned on as the sky grew dark
  • I read this awesome article on the fascination with being busy. I am going to focus on avoiding the busy trap
  • A student stopped by my classroom with a marshmallow rose. So random but so very sweet
  • We had an awesome Friday night at one of New York’s funkiest Indian restaurants
  • This weekend is a long weekend and next week is Regents week! I am saying my prayers that my kids can stay calm and do their best work come test day
  • I burnt Sunday night dinner…lets call it part of the learning process?
  • Chip Kelly is leaving Oregon…it is just heartbreaking
  • Two years ago, this weekend, I was in Canada with some of my favorite people in the world. Take me back!