Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • I got a massage on Monday! It was an awesome way to start my day off
  • The week was so short!
  • I graded exams at a different school and this allowed me to sleep in a bit longer. I’ll take an extra forty five minutes of sleep any day!
  • One of my friends happens to work in the building I was to report to for my grading assignment. Such a happy coincidence!
  • The Starbucks man was so happy and he drew a lovely little smiley face on my cup. I like when strangers are nice
  • I finally went to Katz’s Deli…I’ll share more later
  • The snow was sparkly. I realize that sounds weird but I swear it it’s true
  • “Miss, you have chalk all over the back of your pants”…she was right, thank goodness my regular classroom doesn’t have chalkboards or I would be a hot mess every school day
  • Numerous kids forgot to bring pencils to use on their state tests…seriously?
  • Grading the same three test questions all day was just a bit too monotonous
  • With weather in the teens, I’m really getting an idea of what cold feels like. BRRR!