Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

photo 2


  • Our Super Bowl spread was anything but disappointing…blue moon cupcakes, pizza, buffalo chicken dip, and kid dip…yum!
  • Despite being bummed about the outcome of the Super Bowl, I loved the commercials (Taco Bell? GoDaddy? Oreo?) and Beyonce’s halftime show
  • A student compared Julia, Mirelle, and I to Destiny’s Child. I couldn’t even pretend I wasn’t thrilled!
  • I booked flights to celebrate DG’s centennial in Eugene with some of my favorite people! I cannot wait to be back in Eugene
  • Attendance was less than stellar on Friday and the quiet day allowed me to get a lot of work done
  • Hiding out from the snow with wine, games, cupcakes, and movies was pretty fun
  • Two of my kids had some trouble using kind language this week…starting off my morning hearing “f#%*@$? white woman” isn’t ideal, nor is hearing “suck a frank”
  • Food poisoning…yuck
  • My friend Casey was supposed to be in the city for work but her plans were changed due to the storm…so sad!
  • I was really hoping for my first snow day EVER on Friday, but, no dice