Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote



  • I love long weekends and short work weeks!
  • Hanna and I got lunch in Brooklyn for President’s Day and we got to draw all over the table…we went a little nuts
  • A student told me he likes that I greet people in the hallways and that I seem like a happy person. I’ll take the compliment
  • My formal observation is over!
  • I was basically out of pencils and one of my students magically found a box of them in my classroom…It’s pretty sad that a box of pencils made me so happy
  • One of my students has a GIANT eraser that says “my bad”…I laugh every time she takes it out
  • Despite the fact that I had a long weekend, and therefore a short week, it was a challenge to go back to work
  • If I go crazy, you can blame my first period class…seriously, they will be the reason I go to the looney bin