Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • I got a little sunburnt and although a sunburn in itself is not a good thing, it is a sign of spring and that is a very good thing
  • A song from “Grease” was the hold music as I waited for an interpreter to assist me in calling a parent
  • This blog post is awesome
  • The sunrises in the Bronx have been amazing this week
  • It was really nice to meet the parents of some of my students during parent teacher conferences
  • It was also pretty great that after a long night of parent teacher conferences my friends and I got a ride to the train station…it was a bit safer than walking and much warmer
  • Busy, busy, busy…stressed, stressed, stressed
  • There are some people that I could just do without…too harsh?
  • I found a note on my desk that said “I have a crush on you” and didn’t like it. Creepy high schoolers…