Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • The kids were oddly calm on Monday
  • The Ducks are in the tourney! And, they won their first game!
  • My older kids have really been loving my duck stamp lately. I’ve heard “quack, quack”, “I want a ducky”, and “where is señor la quack?”
  • A bar right by my house has Ballast Point on tap…so crazy
  • My observation is over, and it went well! Fingers crossed I’m almost done with formal observations for the year
  • One of my students who is in the school’s culinary program brought me the most amazing pasta…so delicious
  • It is SPRING BREAK!!! I cannot express the sheer joy I feel right now
  • I fly to San Fran tonight! See you soon, Kayc!
  • People are crazy
  • I hate last minute meetings. Can’t a girl just ask for some warning?
  • Rumor has it we are officially in Spring…so why is it still snowing?