Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • One of my students who believes I am forty four years old made a comment about how it must be difficult for me that I look so young for my age because my boyfriends (yes, plural) must look so old in comparison…he was genuinely concerned for me and it was pretty sweet
  • One of my kids brings me a tootsie roll nearly everyday. He’s found the way to my heart with this little treat
  • I got second place in my march madness suicide pool. I didn’t win any money but I’m still taking pride in my close second
  • It felt like spring for a few days in a row!!! I cannot even express the sheer joy I feel at the prospect of consistent sunshine
  • Cherry blossoms in the park…so pretty
  • My cousin and I met for a great Turkish dinner midweek
  • The train provided a little inspiration in the form of a Cole Hann ad…”be more interesting tomorrow than you are today”
  • I have friends coming to the city this weekend!
  • “Is Arizona a state?”…seriously?!
  • A student told me that it looked like I was wearing a shirt from my grandma’s closet and implied that the shirt made me look pregnant
  • I tried to take off my eye makeup only to realize my dark circles were not left over makeup that could be removed…eeek