Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • My professor let us out of class a full hour early…jackpot
    The cutest little elementary school brother and sister duo walk home after school holding hands and unlike most New Yorkers, they wait so patiently for the walk signal
  • In exchange for the privilege of leaving class three minutes early, one of my most rambunctious kids has become a perfect angel
  • As one of my little guys presented a problem to the class he kept reiterating to his classmates, “this is what Ms. Northcote always tells us, she always tells us this”
  • One of my colleagues stopped by and dropped off a snickers bar for every member of the math department
  • I made copies for one of my classes for essentially the rest of the semester…whaaaa!!!
  • I adore unexpected express trains


  • I have a test this weekend and three papers due on Monday…meh