Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote

we did it


  • I saw the most adorable set of six (yes, six!) brothers on the train with their mom on Mother’s Day. They were all dressed up and absolutely adorable
  • Sunday was a beautiful, beautiful day and I got to spend some time in the park and by the river
  • I discovered a new, yummy, and inexpensive Mexican restaurant right by my apartment…this could eventually become a bad thing but I’m really excited about it right now
  • When I asked one of my kids how many girlfriends he had had so far this year, replied “six”…hahahaha seriously? Six?
  • I’ve created a few Duck fans. I saw a student on the walk to the train and he told his friend that I was the “Duck lady”. I offered the boys to come to my room the next day to get Oregon Duck tape to decorate their backpacks and they took me up on my offer
  • I want to meet this cabbie
  • We celebrated our completion of our two year commitment to TFA at Alumni Induction. I can’t believe we did it!
  • Just 14 teaching days left until state testing begins…crazy!


  • I forgot about our professional development session scheduled for after school on Monday and that’s always a tough realization in the morning
  • The classroom isn’t the most appropriate place to take out your bag of weed…
  • I don’t want to hear your music or your video game on the train. Use your headphones!