Highs and Lows

by cnorthcote


  • A few of my students from last year stopped by to say goodbye. I am so appreciative that I had the chance to see them again
  • I got to meet my cousin, who was visiting the city, for dinner!
  • I played uno with my kids allllll day on Tuesday
  • My last grad school class is done and my last day in the classroom is complete…wow
  • Graduation and the fun that followed was amazing! Although, even now, I am still in total shock that it is all over
  • I got to spend the weekend upstate with my roommate and her family. It was definitely nice to get away for the weekend
  • Sarah and I went to MoMA and got to see the rain room…incredible
  • The final two days in the classroom were a bit silly. We had already turned in our grades and the students had finished their exams. All of us were a bit confused as to why we were in the building
  • I will really, really miss my kids

Finally, I thought I would share these two photo collages…the first set of pictures is from the middle of our first year of teaching and the second set of photos were taken immediately following graduation. Quite the contrast…

Sad Happy