Bucket List

by cnorthcote

I decided it was time to make a bucket list for my time in the city.  So, here it is!

  1. Go to a game in Yankee Stadium
  2. Get frozen hot chocolate at Seredipity
  3. Go to MoMA
  4. Eat lunch on the steps of the Met
  5. Go to the Statue of Liberty
  6. Go to the Empire State Building
  7. Watch the TODAY show live on the plaza
  8. Have a picnic lunch in Central Park
  9. Find the Friends building
  10. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  11. Eat NY Cheesecake
  12. Eat at Crumbs
  13. Explore the Chelsea Market, Union Square, SoHo and Tribeca
  14. Eat fro-yo from the Mister Softies truck
  15. Get a pretzel from a Central Park cart
  16. Explore the holiday window displays on fifth avenue

There is a lot of eating on this list!!  I am excited to do these things, I know I need to explore the city and see all of the great things it has to offer!

This weekend I had a chance to get started on number thirteen.  I adventured down to SoHo and it was great.  There were some really neat stores, although most of them were farrrrr out my price range. But that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it!  I absolutely loved the buildings, the cobblestone streets and all of the well-dressed people.

While I was there, I got to check out the largest J. Crew ever (complete with a Crew Cuts), Madewell and even the Frye store.  I also saw Dash, the Kardashian’s store but I didn’t go in because there was a line of people out front trying to get in…crazy!  It was a fun adventure and a definite must visit part of the city!

I was walking across the street when I snapped this picture on my phone…maybe a bit too close for comfort but I swear I was pretty close to the sidewalk!