Sample Sale

by cnorthcote

My friend Hanna works for Rent the Runway and invited me to be her plus one at the company’s sample sale. We got to hit up the sale a day before the general public. It made me feel pretty special to be one of the invited few!

When we first walked up to the sale and spotted the lines, I feared the worst. I could not get the image of crazed brides gripping wedding gowns out of my head. Luckily, there were no bridezillas and the other shoppers were really quite calm. We were quick to hit the racks and made it to the dressing room before the lines became overwhelming. I walked away with three beautiful dresses and Hanna nabbed a DVF clutch that was quite a stunner. One of my dresses was originally $598 and I paid less than $100!

I’m not sure if I would typically have the patience for a sample sale but I’ve gotta say, the deals were pretty irresistible and I am more than thrilled with my purchases!